Wednesday, December 1, 2021

DIY Velvet Paper Poinsettia

 Velvet paper is so lush and lovely for winter! There are so many great project ideas. A few years ago we made some really pretty gift bows with velvet paper. Today we are showing a poinsettia we made. This could be used for a table accent, gift bow, holiday card, or on a scrapbook layout.

We created 4 sizes of a simple 5-point flower. We cut the largest out of green velvet paper and the other 3 out of red velvet. After layering the flowers, we attached some yellow gems to the center.

Isn't this velvet paper lovely? What would you use a velvet poinsettia for?

Monday, November 8, 2021

Natural Fade Tie Dye Projects

 We love fall! Maybe it's not typically the time you think of tie dye. But, we created this natural fade kit a while back and we love these colors for fall, especially the mustard, sage, and orchid.

Aren't these colors lovely?

The first project we made was a t-shirt. This traditional spiral would be so fun to do with a cute white hoodie too!

We started with a damp t-shirt, twisted it into a spiral and divided it into 8 sections

Then we sprayed one color into each section and let air dry completely. 

Don't forget to iron to heat set the colors once it's completely dry to make them permanent.

We love how the t-shirt turned out and decided to do a little bag too. 

The process is pretty much the same. But, instead of a spiral design, we tied this one in straight lines.

The last item we dyed was a plain white baseball cap. Instead of tying this, we sprayed the dye directly on the hat. Which project is your favorite?

Monday, October 4, 2021

Tie Dye Halloween Leggings

We love doing fun holiday tie die projects. So, we decided to make some Halloween leggings this year.

We are really happy about how they turned out and would love to try some more Halloween tie dye projects.

For this project, we used some creamy heather leggings, orange and black tie dye, elastics, and an iron. First, we got our leggings damp so the dye would blend well.

We decided to do the spiral method. But, rather than starting our spiral on the center, we started it on the upper side of one leg.

Keep spinning your spiral around until the leggings are in a circle like this.

Wrap elastics around dividing your leggings into 6 pie-shaped sections. Alternate spraying orange and black on each section. Don't forget to spray the back also.

Once your leggings are completely air dry, you can open them up and heat set by ironing throughly. That's it! Done! What do you think?

Happy Halloween, everyone!

Wednesday, September 15, 2021

Fall Shirt DIY Autumn Leaves and Pumpkin Please

Fall is coming right up! We love the sights, smells, and sounds of fall. How about you? 

When we saw this adorable shirt saying, we knew we had to make a shirt with our cute iron-ons.

For this project we decided to mix two font styles, type and honey.

First, cut out the letters you want to use.

Arrange your letters to decide how you want them placed.

Place each letter individually and iron into place. We used a piece of paper as a tool to help us line the bottom of the letters up straight.

Peel off the film after ironing each letter on.

That's it! What do you think? Would you make a shirt with this saying or something else?

Happy fall, y'all!

Friday, August 20, 2021

Sunset Tie Dye Kit

Summer is the perfect time to try tie dye! Our tie dye kits are all ready to use. So, you can take your supplies out on the grass and have fun with your friends.

One of our favorite tie dye kits for summer time is the sunset 3-pack. These colors are so summery and bright! We used the bulls eye method for this shirt. But, we started the bulls eye off to the side of the shirt.

We hope you've had a wonderful summer! Check back again soon for more ideas.

Monday, August 2, 2021

DIY Back-to-School Shirt for Teachers or Students

The stores are reminding us that it's almost back-to-school time. How about making a special shirt for the first day of school? 

Our iron-ons are great for making custom shirts. You could spell "first day of 3rd grade", "I'm just here for the recess" or anything else you'd like. Today we are sharing a shirt we designed for a Kindergarten teacher.

All you need is a shirt, iron-ons, and iron. There are lot's of fonts to choose from. But, we decided to use our 2" sport letters to go along with the team theme.

Peel the letters off the iron-on sheet and arrange them how you want on the shirt.

Press the letters onto the shirt with an iron. Then, turn the shirt over and iron the back.

That's it! Done! What would you spell on your back-to-school shirt? What font is your favorite?

Tuesday, July 20, 2021

Cute & Easy DIY Tie Dye Shirts and Galaxy Tie Dye

We hope you are enjoying the tie dye projects we have been sharing lately. Today we wanted to show you this cute photo we took showing some of the projects we made with our different tie dye kits. From left to right the kits we used were the primary 3-pack, neon 8-pack, neon 3-pack, galaxy 8-pack, classic 8-pack, and spring 3-pack.

One kit we haven't shown on our blog before is the galaxy 8-pack. This kit is so fun to experiment with! For this shirt, we scrunch it a little and sprayed to get variation of color. Then, we opened the shirt and sprayed similar colors together. 

Leaving some white "starry" areas is important to get the galaxy look. You can sprinkle rock salt on your shirt to get this affect. For this shirt, we used the stream method. After you are done spraying your dye, spray some water on your shirt in areas you want to lighten. Then, use a paper towel to lift up some of the dye. Then, you can spray some of the glow-in-the dark dye into those light areas.

How would you use the galaxy dye? Would you make a shirt like us, try it on leggings, make a fun bag, or something else?

Thursday, July 1, 2021

How to Design a Summer Beach Bag

We think everyone needs a good, large beach bag for summer fun! You can use them for swimming gear, road trip snacks and so much more. So, today we're showing how we took a plain, large bag and made it fun for a summer beach bag.

First, gather your supplies, you will need a plain bag, tie dye, iron-on letters and iron. We also used a plastic garbage bag to protect our workspace.

For best color-blending, get your bag nice and damp. Then, start with the sky blue tie dye. Shake the bottle and spray it at the bottom of the bag, with the most dye at the very bottom edge.

Next, spray the lime green dye, right over top of the blue and up a few inches higher on the bag to create a nice gradation from dark green to light green. We ended up adding a little more blue right on the bottom edge for that nice, darker green.

Now, spray the hot pink. We went heavy with the dye at the top of the bag and gradually sprayed less pink when we got close to that lime green.

Let the bag lay flat to dry completely. Once your bag is dry, you can add the iron-on letters. Peel them off from the sheet and place them how you'd like. We used the periods kind of like splashes of water or watermelon seeds on the sides of the word "hello".

The last step is to press your letters with an iron and iron the bag throughly to heat set the tie dye.

We hope this gives you some ideas that you can use for your summer crafting.

Monday, June 21, 2021

Classic Tie Dye Shirts

We hope you are having a fun summer! Today we wanted to share some shirts we made with the tie dye colors you can find in our Classic 8-Pack

There are so many combinations you can make with these colors! You can use the warm colors, cool colors, or any combination of your favorites.

This first shirt shows all the colors included in this pack in a classic spiral.

This second shirt is just the primary colors, red, yellow, and blue. We also have a 3-pack of just those primary colors.

Which colors are your favorite? We hope you'll try one of our kits this summer!

Friday, May 28, 2021

Easy, Inexpensive, DIY Father's Day Gift

Father's Day is coming up soon. It can be a lot of fun picking out a gift for the special men in your life. But, sometimes it's hard to find something for the guy who has it all. How about giving the gift of gratitude?

We offer these little tag books on our website that include this cute tag-shaped cover, pre-cut papers, to go inside and string. 

There are so many great uses for these books! 

We decided to use one for a father's gratitude book. Inside the book, we wrote little notes. 

If you like lettering, you can look for inspiration online to help you write your notes. 

However, it's really not necessary to make it fancy. The thought and meaning you put behind it is the real gift.

Wishing you a Happy Father's Day!


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