Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Ideas & Tips for the Perfect Picnic

I adore picnics. Always have, since I was just a little girl playing make believe picnic on the living room floor. So, I thought it might be fun to take a peek into my picnic basket, and talk about a few extra details for creating the perfect picnic. To make my job of CPO (chief picnic officer) a little less stressful, I head to the grocery store the day before to pick up all of the food. Yes, I like to keep it simple!

My favorite picnic food? I follow a guide line of:
• 1 main dish (cold fried chicken or sandwiches)
• 1 salad or side (pasta salad with veggies)
• 2 fruits (watermelon and berries)
• 1 dessert (glazed doughnut holes or fortune cookies)
•2 drinks (iced tea and lemonade are my favorite!!)

* I also add in a Tupperware container full of snack foods like; sliced deli meats, crackers and spreadable cheese for the kids.

Whenever I visit a thrift shop, I always take a trip down the kitchen isle, to look for things that could be useful for dining outside. Vintage tins make lovely dessert containers. Metal trays are not only useful for serving on, but also to keep glasses from tipping over. Don't forget to look for vintage cloth napkins and blankets or quilts!

A picnic just wouldn't be a picnic without a few fun outdoor activities! I'll pick out a plastic bucket and shovel for each child at our picnic, (the dollar store is your best friend for toys like this!) and then I add just a couple more small items to each bucket such as bottles of bubbles, a jump-rope, a small kite and a book or two for story time!

It takes a little planning, but picnics are oh so worth it!!


Lisa Russell said...

Very nice! Love the metal tray idea...something so simple, but I don't think I have ever thought of it!

bethchien said...

how fun!


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