Tuesday, March 30, 2010

My Favorite Flower

If I need some quick inspiration, blogs are my go-to. I found this amazing pinata not long ago:

at Inchmark and thought I needed to do something cute like it. Spring is finally coming closer too, so I thought some little versions might be in order! They are incredibly easy and so much fun.

Go to a craft store and buy a round foam ball; ours is 6". Then go find the tissue paper and pick some springy colors, and be sure to grab some hot glue sticks if you're running low!

Start out by cutting approximately 100 1" circles out of your tissue paper. You may need more or less, but it's a good starting point. Take your warmed up glue gun and glue a few petals to the "top" of the foam ball (the side we photographed). Carefully start layering them in concentric circles, being sure to overlap little by little. Be patient and before you know it you'll get to the end! They turned out really nice, but I thought it could use just a tad more of something. I grabbed some Tumble Dye and lightly sprayed the tops to create the gradient. Just what I wanted!

It would be pretty to have three different sizes and make a bunch for a table setting. Go and have fun with your pretty peonies. :)

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