Monday, August 16, 2010

Home Decor Projects

We’re going to start this Manic Monday with a two home decor projects. I have three kids, two of which are girls, so when I get my pretty papers and adhesive out, they are bound to ask, “Is that going to be for me Mommy?”

Yes, they jumped for joy when I told them that these projects were for them.

Yes, they pouted a bit when I told them that they had to wait until I photographed the projects before they could decorate their rooms. But, I can’t blame them, though, I am not a patient person either.

Shhh, don’t tell him, but that’s hanging on my son’s bedroom door. His room had the best light!

So, I let the girls choose what they wanted their door hangers to say and I really shouldn’t have asked, because they both blurted “KEEP OUT!” at the same time. I went with their requests, but I made it oh, so darling with ribbons, epoxy letter stickers and rhinestones all from the Jocelyn collection.

For the 2 dimensional flowers, I punched 4 flower shapes for each flower {2 flowers are adhered back-to-back for each flower} and then the other flower just had one layer, which I adhered back to back allowing you to see a pattern on both sides of the flower when the petals are bent upward. I used glue dots to secure the layers together.

Now add your rhinestones and circle shapes from the blue raspberry puff alphabet stickers to the middle of the punched flowers.

After adhering your message to the cut patterned paper with blue raspberry puff alphabet stickers, place flowers on the cut patterned paper piece using pop dots for dimension.

After wrapping yellow ribbon around the embellished patterned piece of paper, adhere it to the painted door hanger. By doing so, you can embellish the other side of the door hanger with a different color combination, if you wish.

The project went pretty quickly, even though I made all the flowers and made two hangers. I’m thinking that my 18-year old son will want me to make him a KEEP OUT sign too, just in something other than pink and yellow!

Repurposing objects is a favorite pastime of mine. I found these plaques recently and the chips were easily remedied with a fresh coat of craft paint.

And look at it now after I embellished it with the Happy Day collection.

Simple, simple, simple. After repainting the plaque, I cut patterned paper to size. In each of the four corners, I pierced a hole and added the designer brads from the Happy Day collection. Love those sparkles and so do the girls.

And here’s the plaque in use.

I leave you today hoping that you’re on a hunt...a hunt for things you might have around the house right now that might be perfect to repurpose and redecorate with some lovely patterned papers!


kaw1963 said...

Cute! I reaaly like the plaque makeover!

Gina said...

Both projects are super cute!! I would love to find a wall plaque like that!

ShellyDee said...

Very, very cute!


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