Wednesday, February 24, 2021

Easy Saint Patrick's Day Shirt

When March comes around, we can't wait to start seeing some green outside. Saint Patrick's Day is the perfect excuse to bring on the green. We had fun using green tie dye and different methods of tying shirts and are excited to share them this week.

Today, we are sharing a shirt we folded similar to the star flower method. It was really fun to try! We chose to start with a wet shirt this time. Here are the supplies we used: a shirt, tie dye, and elastics.

The trickiest part of this design was folding it. So, here is the step-by-step way we did it:

After it's folded. Start from the pointed end and twist toward the wider end.

Because our shirt was long-sleeved, we twisted the sleeves also until it looked like a cinnamon roll.

Tie your shirt up into 6 equal pie-shaped sections. Spray each section the desired colors. We used three tints of green tie dye.

There are a lot of fun sections in this shirt! We loved trying this technique. But, wished we had used more dye. Tomorrow we will share a similar folding technique on a dry tank top.

Here are some of our favorite details.

Check back tomorrow for another tie dye method!

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