Saturday, May 15, 2021

DIY Neon Tie Dye Shirt Ideas

The school year is winding down here in Utah and we're starting to think about summer plans. If you have kids keeping them busy over the summer can be a big challenge. How about letting them design a tie-dye shirt?

Let your kids choose their favorite colors and pick a design. They can help you tie the shirt and you can spray the dye for them. Even teenagers will love this!

Here are two simple design ideas for you. First, here's the classic spiral. We used the Neon 8-Pack for this shirt. Simply twist your shirt from the center and tie 4 elastics around it. Spray the dye and heat set with an iron once the shirt is dry. Check out our video here.

The second idea is the striped shirt. This was also created with the Neon 8-Pack. Accordion fold your shirt. Then, tie the shirt every couple inches. Spray the dye between the elastics and heat set with an iron when it's completely dry. Find the video for this technique here.

These ideas can also be used with other tie-dye kits. Here's an example of the classic spiral using the Neon 3-Pack. We hope this gives you some ideas of how you can use tie dye this summer.

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