Tuesday, July 20, 2021

Cute & Easy DIY Tie Dye Shirts and Galaxy Tie Dye

We hope you are enjoying the tie dye projects we have been sharing lately. Today we wanted to show you this cute photo we took showing some of the projects we made with our different tie dye kits. From left to right the kits we used were the primary 3-pack, neon 8-pack, neon 3-pack, galaxy 8-pack, classic 8-pack, and spring 3-pack.

One kit we haven't shown on our blog before is the galaxy 8-pack. This kit is so fun to experiment with! For this shirt, we scrunch it a little and sprayed to get variation of color. Then, we opened the shirt and sprayed similar colors together. 

Leaving some white "starry" areas is important to get the galaxy look. You can sprinkle rock salt on your shirt to get this affect. For this shirt, we used the stream method. After you are done spraying your dye, spray some water on your shirt in areas you want to lighten. Then, use a paper towel to lift up some of the dye. Then, you can spray some of the glow-in-the dark dye into those light areas.

How would you use the galaxy dye? Would you make a shirt like us, try it on leggings, make a fun bag, or something else?

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