Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Cinco de Mayo, make some banners!

Arriba! Cinco de Mayo is Mexico's Independence Day. Although I'm not of Mexican descent it's a wonderful holiday to celebrate my appreciation for Mexican culture. I love Mexican food above all foods and so it's a great day to bring out all my favorite recipes. Cinco de Mayo cannot be complete without colorful decorations. My favorite decorations have always been the hand cut banners that are displayed on streets. Josh helped us figure out how to make our own. I know it's a little short notice but they don't take long.

Here are the
Banner Instructions:

• We just took a 10" x 10.5" rectangle of tissue paper. We folded it up (like a fan) as shown above.
• Once folded, we cut out shapes (kind of like a snowflake). It took a few practice sheets before we got it right.
• Use different materials to cut out shapes. Mandi used an exacto knife, Josh used scissors and I used different paper punches.
• When we were done cutting, we used an iron on low heat to iron out the fold lines.
-You can use this idea to make your own lace paper for scrap booking or have these banners up for a birthday or party.

Mandi also came up with a custom drink sleeve to use for your celebrations. These along with some store bought pom-pom toothpicks should be a good starting place for your festivities! Just click the image to enlarge and print.

How many of you Celebrate Cinco de Mayo? What are some of your traditions?


Trisha Weekes said...

We are not Hispanic, but we too appreciate their culture and love their food! We usually go out to dinner at our favorite Mexican restaurant, have a little party with a piƱata, and then we watch "Three Amigos"!
Simple, but very fun!

Anonymous said...

Cinco de Mayo is NOT Mexico's Independence Day. LOVE the papel picado though.

Anonymous said...

Mexicos independence day is sep 16. Just saying!!


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