Monday, August 10, 2009

A little about me...

Hello! I'm Tara, an island girl at heart, now living in the sunny desert of beautiful Arizona! I have a fun and sometimes slightly chaotic household that includes my husband Peter, a crafty 4 year old Alaina, my sweet little baby love Chase, who's 10 months old already, and 2 cute dogs. They're all my very favorite subjects to scrapbook!

I try to scrapbook or to be somewhat crafty everyday, but I also really enjoy spending my time; cooking or baking, collecting books, hunting for buried treasures in thrift-stores, spending time outside with the kids, listening to good music, and having painting time with Alaina. When I have extra time, I create products and other scrapbook goodness for my little online shop called With a Twist. I'm super lucky to be able to work at home doing something I love!

I have a long list of favorites, but here's some of my current loves and inspirations!!: vintage floral pillow cases, bone china, pretty desserts, mason jars filled with green leaves, summer storms, taking TTV (<--through the viewfinder, click for explanation) photos and documenting the everyday little things that make life wonderful! I'm so excited to be SEI's guest blogger this week, and I hope you'll enjoy a peek into my life!

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