Wednesday, August 18, 2010

I Love Mini-Albums

Let’s all say it together...I love mini-albums! There, doesn’t that feel better?

This post is packed with 3 mini-albums and a bonus project, too, so let’s get this Wacky Wednesday started.

I’m going to start off with a 4x4 mini I made for my youngest daughter. As I was getting ready to photograph the album, she sat down and started looking through it. Half way through, she excitedly said, “It’s all about me!” A girl after her scrapbooking Mommy’s heart.

I embellished my front cover, which is painted canvas with a “just be you” rub-on from the Jocelyn collection, which I cut it down to a different configuration to fit the cover. The starburst swirl is part of the beaded frill also from the Jocelyn collection. I used my Crop-o-Dile to insert a grommet through which I strung my beaded chain, my Victoria hang tag, and some SEI ribbons.

Her nickname is Spunky, if that tells you anything and I used that description as my starting point, choosing a different characteristic of hers for each page. All but one of the pages came from the Jocelyn collection 6x6 paper pad. For the inside front cover, I used paper strips left over from cutting the 6x6 papers down to 4x4 to make my own pattern of SEI papers!

Here are a few more pages:

For this mini-album, I trimmed down some notebook paper to 6x6 and rounded the two outside corners. Here comes the fun part...using your favorite 6x6 paper pad, I used the Jocelyn collection again, choose two coordinating prints. Adhere the papers back to back.

Choose a rub-on image and adhere to a sturdy piece of cardstock, then trim around the image. Using a punch, punch a hole in what will be your front cover so that you can thread your SEI ribbon through. Before threading through the next hole, attach another punched piece of cardstock to the inside front cover before threading through the next hole, ending up back on the front cover. Tie a knot in your ribbon, adding the cut out rub-on image as an embellishment.

Now choose two other patterned papers from the 6x6 paper pad and added a punched tab to the top of each paper. These will be your sections.

I plan to use my mini-album journal for all of the sign-ons, passwords and other technical info I need to keep handy now that I am blogging. I already have a notebook that I’ve been using, but recently came to the realization that I shouldn’t give away all the stuff I make, I deserve some pretty things, too. So, I challenge you to do something nice for yourself today. Go ahead, just do it!

Hmmm.... Are you wondering what this 6x6 mini-album could be? The cover probably gives it away, but I’ll tell you anyway. It’s an address book.

My handwriting is not very dainty at all, so I made sure when I designed this address page that there was plenty of room to write all your information. I even included room for an e-mail address and a cell phone number. Oh, and the left margin is wide enough to use your Bind-it-All, binder rings, ball chain or ribbon to keep it all together. You could even punch holes and add it to a 6x6 scrapbook album.

Now, you’ll want two pieces of patterned paper approximately 5.25” long and 2.75” wide. Additionally, you’ll need a piece of coordinating paper measuring approximately 3.50” long, which you’ll fold in half. I used a punch to embellish the edges of this piece. Adhere the two long pieces to the one shorter piece to make a cover for your note pad.

Take 2.75” x 11” long strips of paper and fold in half. Using your 1/8” hole punch, punch two holes through the paper and the cover. I used embroidery floss and sewed through the holes several times to bind the pages and the cover together. Choose your favorite Glitter Sprinkles die cut accent and, using a pop dot, adhere it to the front of your note pad.

There’s no excuse for us not to be organized this school year, is there? Speaking of school, are you up for a few back-to-school projects tomorrow? I hope the answer is yes...yes...yes, Monika, we are!

If any of you are interested in having the address book pages as download, leave a comment on the SEI Lifestyles blog. If there’s enough interest, I’ll do a post and offer the free download on my blog, i love it all, next week.


Jamie Lane Designs said...

I love mini albums too! These are all great, love the full page photos with the first album, adorable!

Laurie (Wally) said...

Ohhh Great minis. I love making minis.. thanks for sharing... and yes I would love to get the address pages to download.....

Bonnie said...

Please leave a download for the address book.

Great ideas!

Hilde Aaslund aka Scoobie said...

I love how simple the first mini is. Even I could do that :-)

Thank you for sharing!

fong33 said...

I would love to get the address book page as a download. Love all the great ideas!

Sunspark107 said...

I love your ideas! Being cutely organized is one of my favorite things! Please give us the address book download. Thanks!


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