Friday, February 26, 2021

Tie Dye Techniques

Here's the last tie dye shirt we are sharing this week. The way we tied this one, made kind of a rectangular shape. Check it out.

These images show how we tied this shirt. First, we accordion folded the shirt from the bottom up. Then, we tied the center with an elastic. Next, we accordion folded each side in to the center and tied and elastic going the other direction to form an "x".

Pull up on the center of the "x" and allow the rest of the fabric to drop. Add ties down the shirt, spacing them apart as desired. Because our shirt has long-sleeves, we decided to accordion fold each sleeve and tie an elastic in the center.

Next, spray the shirt with dye. This is how our shirt looked after sprayed. Allow the shirt to air dry fully. You can lay it flat to dry (faster) or keep it bundled up for more color variation. Then, heat set with an iron.

This is a fun technique to try! Which tie dye technique is your favorite? Will you try one of these? Don't forget to wear your green next month. Happy Saint Patrick's Day! 

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