Thursday, March 18, 2021

DIY Custom Glitter Letter Shirt for Easter

Easter is coming right up and if you've got a little baby around, this might be just the project for you. If you don't, what other cute things could you spell with these itty bitty glitter letters?

These custom onesies make great baby gifts! Use the letters to spell whatever you'd like. It's so fast and simple to do.

The 3 supplies you will need are iron-ons, an iron, and a onesie.

First, peel the letters you want to use from the backing sheet and arrange them on the onesie how you'd like.

Next, place the film provided in the kit over the letters. It should be matte side down, glossy side up. Don't worry, this film is heat resistant. It may wrinkle a little bit. But, it won't melt (unless your iron is way too hot and you leave it on too long). Press firmly for about 45 seconds.

You may also choose to iron the back of the shirt, just to make sure those letters are adhered well.

We love these glitter letters. They also come in turquoise, gold, and silver.

Happy Easter!

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