Thursday, June 14, 2018

Patriotic Dye Shirt DIY

Last month we showed you how to make this adorable star shirt using our iron-on sheets. So, this month, we thought we would remind you of all the cool patriotic projects you can make with our fabric dye.

This flag-inspired shirt is simple to make with red, blue, and glitter tumble dye. If you can't get your hands on the kit, you can purchase each color separately and cut simple star shapes out of sticker paper.

This video gives you great step-by-step instructions.

Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Easy Summer Banner Decor

Ready for a simple craft project? This corrugated banner is so simple and easy to make with our beginnings.

Start with a corrugated banner kit. Then, add your favorite papers and embellishments.

This would be really cute to spruce up your RV for a special road trip. We hope you're having a wonderful summer!

Friday, June 8, 2018

Summer Cards

We love crafting with bright, cheerful summer colors! Here's a little sneak of some of the cards that can be made with the monthly kit we are sending out in July. They are so perfect for summertime.

If you love these colors & also like to scrapbook, you're in LUCK! We are blowing out our "Good Times" 8x8 inch scrapbook in bag kit this week. You can get this kit, which includes the album, pre-cut papers, embellishments and instructions to make an entire album, for only $5!

Happy weekend, everyone!

Thursday, May 31, 2018

Easy Hoop Art Decor with Tumble Dye

Ready for another hoop art project idea? This one is perfect for a summertime or a girl's room. The best part is you can use this idea with any colors you want by using our Tumble Dye!

To make this decoration, place flower and butterfly shapes on your fabric. We like to cut the shapes out of sticker paper for a crisp edge. Then, spray your fabric with Tumble Dye. After it's dry, heat set with an iron.

After you finish the cool dyed background, you can add some stitching. We used embroidery floss to outline our flowers and butterfly.

Last, add details, like fabric leaves, crocheted flowers, and buttons. Get your hoop art kit here.

Friday, May 25, 2018

Simple Hoop Art Project with Iron-ons

Are you looking for a simple craft to make or give as a gift? We have just the thing...hoop art!

We have a hoop art kit that makes this a cinch! It comes with the hoop and fabric, ready to go.

For this one, we spelled out our sentiment with iron-on letters and added a few little hearts with emboridery floss. Easy peasy!

We hope you have a wonderful holiday weekend and get a chance to give this a try.

Thursday, May 17, 2018

DIY Patriotic Star Shirt Using Iron-on Sheets

As promised, here is a step-by-step tutorial on how to use our iron-on full sheets. This project is perfect for summertime! There are so many possibilities with our full sheets because you can cut whatever shape you want. But, today our example uses stars.

First, gather your supplies. You will need a hard, flat surface, article to iron on (like a shirt), something to trace (like stars), a pen, scissors, full iron-on sheets and an iron.

Trace the shape you want onto the iron-on backing. We traced stars that we printed and cut out of cardstock paper.

Cut your shapes out. We used scissors this time. But, if you have a cutting machine, that works great too.

Now, place the shapes how you want them. We did one layer at a time.

Press firmly for 15-20 seconds. Pressing is different than ironing because you don't move the iron around. Instead you pick the iron up and place it in a different area. These keeps your design from shifting.

Finally, after letting it cool for another 15-20 seconds, you can gently remove the backing and reveal your awesome design. We recommend turning your completed shirt inside out and ironing again.

Two more cool things about this design are you can fit a bunch of stars on a sheet to make a couple shirts PLUS the red and blue iron-ons are on sale today. Hurry though. The red, white and blue sale ends tomorrow!

Tuesday, May 15, 2018

DIY Red, White & Blue Banner - Summer Decor

Memorial Day is right around the corner. What a great time remember those who have gone before and start thinking about summer.

For us, getting ready for summer means decorating! Think how fun this red, white and blue banner would be adoring your mantel or hanging up at your next barbecue.

It was simple to make with our canvas banner kit, vintage fabrics, and iron-on sheets. We cut basic star shapes out of our red and blue iron-on full sheets.

The full sheets and canvas banner kits are on sale this week and we will show you how to use them Thursday. Check back soon!

Tuesday, May 8, 2018

DIY Tulip Artwork with Dye & Velvet Paper

The tulips here are almost gone. But, this tulip art will bring springtime into your home all year long.

To create this piece, we printed a simple tulip outline on our white velvet paper. Then, we added color with our dyes.

This is such a fun project and the colors blend so well on the velvet paper. So, we included different hues of green for the leaves. For the petals, we used coral and magenta.

We hope you have enjoyed all our velvet paper project ideas. We loved making them! We have some fun summer projects coming soon.

Friday, May 4, 2018

Velvet Paper Bow Gifting DIY

During the holidays we shared a video about how to make a plush gift bow out of velvet paper. So, we decided to make a bow to show how great it works for anytime of the year.

The raspberry velvet paper is so pretty. It looks great with simple kraft paper.

These bows are great for special events, like weddings and birthdays. If you live in the Logan, Utah area, be sure to stop by our warehouse sale today and get some velvet paper. Happy weekend!

Thursday, April 26, 2018

Simple Spring or Summer Home Decor DIY

If you love experimenting with new materials, you will have a blast with our velvet paper. It's so fun to use! For these 2 home decor pieces we played with applying tumble dye and printing on velvet.

These would be so pretty in a pair of white frames sitting on a mantle for spring or summer. What would you do with them?

Would you like these offered as a free printable? Please comment if you are interested.

Tuesday, April 17, 2018

DIY Home Decor Wreath Quote

We are having so much fun using Tumble Dye with velvet paper! We LOVE how this pretty little wreath printable turned out.

First, we printed out the wreath quote. (Yes, you can print on velvet paper!) Then, we dipped a think paint brush into a few different colors of our Tumble Dye and loosely painted it over the wreath. Done!

There are so many great ways to use Tumble Dye in home decor. Another one is coming soon!

Thursday, April 12, 2018

Mother's Day & Spring Card

Today we have a couple more cards from our card kit to share. Then, starting next week we are going to show some fun velvet paper projects we've been working on. You're going to love them!

We think this first card is so perfect for Mother's Day. We love to add a little humor to our cards, while still making them pretty.

This card could work for so many different occasions. Our favorite part is that bow. We hop you have a wonderful weekend!

Saturday, March 31, 2018

Spring Card and Easter Papercraft Ideas

Many of you know we have a kit club. These surprise kits are a great bargain! The card kits include 2 limited edition card kits with supplies to make 8 cards each. So, for just $20 and free shipping, you can make 16 cards!

Would you like a peek at the last Club SEI card kit we sent out? This is one of the cards club members could make with last month's kit. We love how perfect it is for SPRING!

Speaking of spring, it's Easter weekend! We have really enjoyed looking back on some of our favorite Easter project and wanted to share a few with you today.

First up, this paper Easter basket by Davinie Fiero is so simple and adorable, we have made it over and over again. We have used it for tiny party favor baskets and bigger ones for kids to gather eggs in. If you are looking for a last minute basket and have some scrapbook paper and brads, go for it!

Second, we love this idea by Stephanie Kensy of decorating eggs without dye. She wrapped her eggs with paper bands and decorate the bands with bunnies, flowers, etc. It's such an easy idea. But, her's are just so pretty!

Last, this is from the How to Nest for Less blog. There are so many great Easter printable there. So, we are leaving you with this for your Easter weekend and our wishes for a happy holiday, however you celebrate SPRINGTIME!

Friday, March 9, 2018

Saint Patrick's Day Treats + Free Printable Tags

Saint Patrick's Day is about a week away. So, we decided to make some cute little treats to give our friends.

We made a simple little pocket out of scrapbook paper to hold Pop Rocks. We finished it ribbon and a cute tag.

For this next idea, we put some kisses in a little bag and attached a shamrock cut from our glitter paper and another cute tag.

We are sharing these cute tags with you so you can make your own Saint Patrick's Day goodie bags. Just download the image below. Enjoy! Happy Saint Patrick's Day!

Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Saint Patrick's Day Card

Saint Patrick's day cards are so fun to make. The one we are sharing today works great to let anyone you love know how lucky you feel to have them in your life.

We used our green ultra-glitter paper and cutting machine to cut out the words, "Lucky Me" and a shamrock shape. The rest of the card is really quite simple. Layer a few shades of green paper and a little green ribbon.

Thursday, February 22, 2018

DIY Saint Patrick's Day Shirts

Saint Patrick's Day is such a fun holiday! We are excited to share some ideas over the next few weeks to help you get ready.

Make sure you have an outfit picked out. You don't want to get pinched! If you don't have a lot of green in your wardrobe, you can make your own. We made 2 lucky shirts with some of our favorite products, iron-ons and tumble dye!

The first shirt was super easy to make. We traced a clover on the back of a green iron-on sheet. You can make any shape you want!

We cut out the clover shape and ironed it onto the shirt. Done!

We used tumble dye and iron-ons for the second shirt. First, we cut a clover stencil out of sticker paper and placed it on our shirt, covering areas we didn't want sprayed. Then, we sprayed green tumble dye. We used two different greens to create depth and variation.

After the dye is dry, we took off the sticker paper and heat set the dye with an iron. For the final touch, we spelled "Lucky Me" with iron-on letters and ironed them onto the shirt.

We hope you have a lucky day! Look forward to more St. Patrick's Day projects coming soon.

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