Monday, October 4, 2021

Tie Dye Halloween Leggings

We love doing fun holiday tie die projects. So, we decided to make some Halloween leggings this year.

We are really happy about how they turned out and would love to try some more Halloween tie dye projects.

For this project, we used some creamy heather leggings, orange and black tie dye, elastics, and an iron. First, we got our leggings damp so the dye would blend well.

We decided to do the spiral method. But, rather than starting our spiral on the center, we started it on the upper side of one leg.

Keep spinning your spiral around until the leggings are in a circle like this.

Wrap elastics around dividing your leggings into 6 pie-shaped sections. Alternate spraying orange and black on each section. Don't forget to spray the back also.

Once your leggings are completely air dry, you can open them up and heat set by ironing throughly. That's it! Done! What do you think?

Happy Halloween, everyone!

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