Monday, November 8, 2021

Natural Fade Tie Dye Projects

 We love fall! Maybe it's not typically the time you think of tie dye. But, we created this natural fade kit a while back and we love these colors for fall, especially the mustard, sage, and orchid.

Aren't these colors lovely?

The first project we made was a t-shirt. This traditional spiral would be so fun to do with a cute white hoodie too!

We started with a damp t-shirt, twisted it into a spiral and divided it into 8 sections

Then we sprayed one color into each section and let air dry completely. 

Don't forget to iron to heat set the colors once it's completely dry to make them permanent.

We love how the t-shirt turned out and decided to do a little bag too. 

The process is pretty much the same. But, instead of a spiral design, we tied this one in straight lines.

The last item we dyed was a plain white baseball cap. Instead of tying this, we sprayed the dye directly on the hat. Which project is your favorite?

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