Monday, November 3, 2008

Maria's Thanksgiving Memories

It's November! And that means Thanksgiving is just creeping up on us. Traditions make the holidays fun. Growing up Thanksgiving was a big deal at our house. My mom always got out the nice dishes and made a beautiful centerpiece. At each place setting she would put a sugar cone filled with treats. Before we ate, we would go around the table and each tell something we were thankful for. I thought I would adapt this tradition for my own family.

I made these simple origami cups out of our elegant Windsor papers and dimensional elements. They look so classy and would work great for Christmas too. The best part is they each took less than 5 minutes to make and require no adhesive! It might be fun to put a little thank you note in each one or instead of the dimensional element put a monogram sticker.

All you need to start is:
  • paper cut into 6 x 6 squares (the shimmer is easiest to fold)
  • dimensional elements
  • treats or notes to put inside
You can click on the template below to enlarge and print it. Hope you enjoy this simple project as much as I did.


Anonymous said...

This looks like an awesome project, but the print is in such a light color that I cannot read it even with the brightness turned up all the way! :(

Julie Overby said...

Simply gorgeous! LOVE that line of paper.

The new blog looks great!

sei art studio said...

September, we'll try to get that fixed and posted by the end of today. Thanks for the letting us know!

melita said...

too cute! great project! i will definitely have to try this!

leisha said...

This is definatly going on our tables this year! Thanks for sharing! I am thrilled to see that you have a blog now, they are super fun.


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