Monday, November 17, 2008

Did you know...?

Seeing how this is a lifestyle blog…we’re shaking it up! Josh talked about text last week and this week I’ll be giving you a little history lesson.

Since Thanksgiving is getting closer and closer, I thought we could talk about the cornucopia! It is the symbol of food and abundance, and dates all the way back to the Greeks. (And here I was thinking it was the pilgrims!)

In one of Zeus’s creation myths, he was raised by a goat named Amalthea. One day, while they were playing together Amalthea’s horn was broken off. Zeus felt awful and returned the horn to her, endowing it with special powers. Anyone who possessed it would gain whatever they wished for.

In Greek iconography, Fortuna (Minerva in Roman) was often depicted with a ‘horn of plenty’ of the cornucopia. It would be filled with fruits and grains, like today.

The cornucopia is a symbol of the harvest. It was a symbol brought to America from European farmers to celebrate a good crop; often filling a real goat’s horn.

Today it’s usually a hollow, wicker, horn-shaped basket that can be used as a fabulous centerpiece or decoration. Fill yours with your most beautiful crop (from the store or your own garden!) and share with your loved ones the bounties of your life. Remember all that you have and can give for the holiday season with this timeless reminder.

Tell us some of the traditions and symbols you carry in your house!


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