Monday, January 12, 2009

Resolve to Preserve Your Memories!

This year I have high expectations for my resolutions. In addition to scheduling time to straighten-up the house each day I have also scheduled a time for seven different areas I am working on. I plan to spend one hour on a different area each day of the week.

The trickiest area is my family history. I want to have a written & visual history of my family. Right now this seems overwhelming to me since I am already behind. But I found a great solution to this problem... sei’s calendar!

With this calendar you can just start wherever you are in the new year and about go back later. You can hang your calendar in the kitchen or anywhere you will see it often and write in important things as they happen. No worrying trying to remember them later. There are also stickers to mark special occasions or things to remember, along with journaling stickers (great for a written record). The calendar already has 12 patterned pages (one for each month) with places for photos. It even includes basic instructions if you want to dress up each page with the coordinating stickers (great for a visual record). At the end of the year, you will have a completed album and a record of the year! The 12x12 pages fit perfectly into our preservation series album.

I gave my sister-in-law one of the calendars for Christmas a few years ago and she loved it. She has done one every year since and now has a great family history. So give it a try! There is no better time than the present, right? (that's why it's called the present!)

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Carol said...

I have been doing S.E.I. Calendars since 2006. I am now on my third calendar and I LOVE IT!!! I look forward to it every month and I know that even if life gets CRAZY, i will have at least 12 pages done at the end of the year :)... I love the SEI predesign pages because they still allow me to be creative and add my own touch. This year i was a bit sad because when i got it, i did not get the full kit, just the calendar... but i could not wait to order it so i got it in early dec. Look forward to continueing this! Here is my Feb 2009 page


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