Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Club SEI February Video Instructions

For those of you that are Club SEI members, you should be receiving your February Kit very soon, if you haven't already. The kit has tons of embellishments and 24 sheets of various Lovebirds papers (including die-cut lace!), and instructions to make several layouts.

There are also a couple of die-cut projects this month that are fresh and exciting departures from run-of-the-mill scrapbooking, including an origami mini album! These projects might seem difficult at first, but they're super easy if you have someone to show you how they're put together.

So, we made some instructional videos and uploaded them on YouTube. There are four of them - from one to six minutes long - that cover making the die-cut origami mini album (in two parts), the die-cut favor box, and the picture frame stand.

Here are parts one and two of the mini-album instructions:

Here are instructions for the die-cut gift box:

And lastly, the instructions for the picture frame stand:


NanaBeth said...

Totally cool-it will take several attempts to get it, but I love stretching my talents when I have instructions like these. Thank you!

Debbie H said...

Can't wait to get my February kit, maybe today? Are these instructions available in PDF by any chance? I live in a rural area and have to access internet via satellite. Watching videos exceeds my FAP and shuts down my internet :(

Deb H

sei art studio said...

Hey Debbie! I think someone here in the Art Department may already have answered your question in an email, but I also wanted to post one here for everyone to read. The mini-album, small gift box, and picture frame stand all come with instructions in the kit, including diagrams. The videos just offer a little extra help. Good luck!

Debbie H said...

I should have known, you guys are so awesome!

Deb H

patismom said...

Hello, love your site newsletters and videos and products. Is it possible to get a template of the picture frame stand?


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