Monday, March 30, 2009

The Best Easter Present Ever!

Spring played a trick on us this week. We had a blizzard yesterday and received about 12"-14" of snow! But before it snowed I was able to see our little tulip bulbs shyly emerging from the ground. So that must mean that spring is here, and with spring comes Easter- the most innocent and beautiful holiday. Eggs galore: boiling, painting & egg hunts. Easter baskets, filled with simple goodies. Baby animals, new plants! It's a celebration of life and it's a wonderful time to celebrate children. Introducing our Paper Doll!

A few years ago we had a paper doll that I had made for a CHA show. It was when we introduced Chick-a-dee. We found it here a few weeks ago and thought what a cute Easter present it would make. So I took the time to trace it and make templates of the outfits that she has available. She comes in her skivvies so you're able to dress her up as much as you want. I printed her outfits onto Ana's Bananas & Tiny Bubbles papers. You can make 9 different outfits with just 3 sheets of paper. The tabs on the clothes have a strip that is made to attach the 2 shoulder tabs with tape. Click here to print an 8.5 x 11" sheet of clothing.

The fun thing with this doll is that you can personalize her by adding the photo of the recipient. I'm actually half Salvadoran so for me I wanted to diversify some skin tones. So there's three options to choose from. My coloring is between the #2 & #3 skin tone. I know they're pretty broad but look at the image below and you can choose from #1, #2 or #3. (<--- Just click these numbers).
I needed to give my doll a home and so I found a tin box and just lined it with chick-a-dee paper. Inside I used the chick-a-dee scalloped ribbon. With some craft wiring I made little hangers for the clothes and hung them off of the ribbon.

I will say that it's not as flattering with adults pictures. I was going to post my paper doll but I looked about 60 lbs heavier, haha. But try this as a project to do with the kids at home or while you're babysitting. It's so much fun picking out the different papers and feeling a little like a fashion designer. No one has ever emailed me pictures of their completed projects, but if you do, I'll post them online.

If you have any questions, please post them and I'll help you in anyway I can. Hope you love this as much as I do!



Scrappy said...
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Karen C. said...

Very cute, but I have two boys. Maybe I can try this idea for my cousins little girl.


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