Tuesday, May 26, 2009

baby blocks

As you might have learned in our introductions last year, Maria really likes babies. To our surprise she announced to us earlier this year that she was having a baby! As soon as we knew, we decided that we wanted to make her something really special. When she found out that she was having a baby boy we knew we wanted to use chick-a-doo.

Chick-a-doo has these great monograms and how cute would they be as blocks? Pia had a an electric saw at home and cut 3.5" x 3.5" squares from wood. There were 4 of us in the art room so we scrambled up the alphabet and each took home 6 or 7 wooden blocks. We decorated them individually with paint, patterned paper, velvet paper and of course the monogram alphabet. Maria was so surprised when we gave them to her and we all loved looking at how each person executed their individual design on the blocks. It's really a simple project (max. time= 2 hours/person) and a fun way to give a group gift to a special friend.

Maria's older boy hasn't stopped playing with the blocks. He's warming them up for his baby brother. Since they're a larger size block, they're really fun to build with. Hope you like this gift idea as much as we did!


Lynsey said...

How did you cover/seal them so that they would be safe for baby to play with?

sei art studio said...

we sealed them with modge-podge. (except the velvet paper part!) Their site states that it's non-toxic and safe for kids crafts.

Maria said...

Oh I LOVE these!!! What a cool idea!

Whispers and Wishes said...

These are beautiful! I made giant blocks (6x6) for my wee one. To the person who asked about baby safe... the thing about it is that blocks aren't a recommended baby toy until about age three, so as long your materials are child safe (and Modge Podge is a good one) and you are keeping a close eye, you are good to go!


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