Thursday, May 21, 2009

Thurd Thursday's!

We wanted to give our viewers and especially our Club SEI members a day when additional ideas will be posted pertaining to their upcoming club kit. Thurd Thursday was born! On the third Thursday of every month we will give a few additional ideas on how to use the supplies provided in their upcoming Club SEI kit. These ideas can also be completed at home with other products if you're not a member.

Today's post is spotlighting En Route. Club members will receive this as the June kit. In addition to the projects included in the kit, we came up with Road Trip Games:

This project was completed using the Click and Prints available on the Club Member's website. We also used a few items from the add-on pack. (An add-on is a pack of extra items that can be added to a monthly Club kit.) The Road Trip Games include travel bingo, scavenger hunts, 8 game starter instruction cards and a folder we made to hold them all in.

For all of you travelers out there here are some summer road trip ideas:

• Take small toys that your children haven't played with in a while and mix in a few new toys. Wrap them all up and let your child open one "present" each hour.

• Put together a song book of your children's favorite songs. Sing them in the car as you travel along.

• Get a map of the place you're traveling to. Let the children mark off different landmarks and towns on the map as you pass them.

Club Member's, click here and sign in to download your Click & Prints. If you're not a Club SEI member, this is a wonderful month to join!

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