Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Independence Day, done right!

**To start off a lot of people have been asking if the new lines will be used in a Club SEI kit. The answer is yes. Christmas Mint will be featured in November's kit and Winter Song will be used in December's kit. Moravia will not be in a kit but will be available as an add-on. You can tell your local scrapbook supplier to pick it up for you at CHA next month or order online at shopsei.com in August. Now onto our project.

We wanted to give you enough time to plan for the 4th of July. I love this holiday! There's nothing about it not to love
. One tradition that I've heard a lot of families have is wearing matching shirts. We have come up with a great idea to customize your own 4th of July shirts in an inexpensive way.

Did you know that SEI carries a product called Tumble Dye? It's a dye that is sprayed on and then heat set, and it dyes a lot of different surfaces. It's non-toxic, and easier to clean up than other dyes - no boiling water, pots & pans, nasty chemicals, or stained hands! That makes it a fantastic summer project to do with your kids or grandkids. And it's only $3 a bottle! We used Raggedy Ann Red & Blueberry to create the shirts below. I know the tie-dyed look might not be your favorite everyday look, but it's so fitting for the 4th of July. Here is the project along with instructions:

These cute girls belong to Lee Tibbitts

Sheryl, who works here at SEI, made these shirts.
• You can use an old white shirt that you have around the house (even one that may have a stain, you can cover it).
• First, to make
the stars on the shoulder, Sheryl cut stars out of scrap paper and laid them on the shirt. She sprayed the Blueberrry Tumble Dye all around the cut outs, and then removed them, leaving white stars behind.
Next, to achieve the "stripes", Sheryl gathered the shirt on a diagonal to create loose folds and sprayed the exposed fabric with Raggedy Ann Red Tumble Dye.

That's it! All in all, Sheryl was able to make six children's shirts, using one bottle of the red dye and a half bottle of the blue.

While you're here, tell us - what are your 4th of July traditions?


Michelle (from Ky) said...

WOW! I had no idea you had that!!

I have to go now...shopping =)

THanks for sharing!

Concetta said...

Am very sad that Moravia will not be in Club SEI. I have no local scrapbook store around me so I'll just have to wait to the next CKC unless you guys change your mind.

sei art studio said...

Don't worry, we will have an add-on available with Moravia in a Club SEI kit. You can also order it online at www.shopsei.com in August.

Chris, Crystal &and Anthony said...

sheryl is my cute and talented aunt who made these !! love all of the products you have !

michellejohnnie said...

Very cool! Good thing I live Logan so I can run buy these things!!! I linked to this ides at somedaycrafts.blogspot.com

tammiesteve said...

My son and I did this shirt this weekend. He loved doing it!! I can't wait to get some more colors and see what else he can come up with!! Thanks

sei art studio said...

I'm glad that you have had fun with this project. It's such a great project to do with your kids!

java diva said...

My kids would love to make these. We already have the red sei dye. But purple isn't very patriotic. Guess I got to go shopping!

java diva said...

We made them! The kids punched out the stars with a Fiskars squeeze punch and freezer paper that ironed right onto the fabric. Worked really great!


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