Thursday, July 30, 2009

Poinsettia Template

We've been getting a lot of positive feedback from our friends at CHA. One project that everyone's been wanting a template for is our poinsettia box topper. Josh found an amazing website that gives you a crazy array of paper projects. It was found on the Canon website. If you'd like to see the poinsettia template click here. We just added some of our rhinestone brads to beautify the center of the flower.

We also wanted to show off a few of Canon's other amazing paper projects. Have you ever wanted your very own Saint Peter's Basilica?
Just click and print.
Or a little mouse...
There's some amazing projects if you have the time and patience. They put a whole new spin on the art of origami. Hope you enjoy this link as much as we do!


Little GTO said...

So do you think St Peters Basilica is for a beginner? LOL!
Shaorn L

sei art studio said...

Haha, seriously. If any human out there ever made it, I'd want to see it. It's amazing!

NanaBeth said...

2 hours later-what a site! My friends will never hear from me again,I fell like Alice In Wonderland. Thank you for the heads up. So now that CHA is done and all the "peeks" are done, I got to tell you "Winter Song" is by far the best of the Christmas collections this year. Okay now I'm going to make the dachshund from the website.


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