Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Beautiful bathroom and a little more!

Sometimes it's nice to look around for inspiration that fits your mood. I am currently not wanting summer to end. It's my favorite season of the year. I never think that it gets too hot. I love the vibrant greens at the beginning of summer but I also find so much beauty in all the yellow hues you see as everything slowly dries up. I think it's the combination of those green and yellow shades, accented with white, that draws me to these bathroom accessories. Maybe if you have a summery bathroom to start off your morning in the long cold winters, you can still venture outside with a smile frozen to your face.

When I was collecting the "in my dreams" bathroom pieces, I thought of this Mimosa layout. It caries those shades of yellows and greens that are so lush. As summer closes in on me, I think it makes me cling more and more to the vibrant colors that Mimosa carries. I hope you enjoy this layout as much as I do!

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Laura1943 said...

This is gorgeous ! I just signed up today...and I am so excited to get my first kit and explore everything this club has to offer !


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