Monday, September 14, 2009

Hello from Singapore!

I thought I'd share with you some photos which I took recently when I went to a nearby wet market to buy breakfast. It was a Saturday morning at around 8am, and the market and food stalls were already bustling with people, buying their groceries and having their morning cuppa.

These are photos of a typical flat you'll see in Singapore. There are more flats than houses here as the land is scarce. I've been living in a flat all my life and I love it, eventhough the space in my flat is small.

This is a photo of a food court where you can find several stalls of local and sometimes western food. The food that you find in most food courts are affordable and they are mainly situated near housing estates. This one was packed that morning with people having their breakfast. Singaporeans love eating out - one of the local favourite pasttimes.

I'm so sorry but these photos had to be taken from a distance to the wet market, as generally stall owners don't like their photos taken. Camera-shy perhaps. A local wet market is where you will find fresh product like seafood, meat and vegetables, and this market starts its operations as early as 6am till about noon. I prefer to go in the mid-morning when the crowd has eased a little. My boys love to visit the market as they get to see a lot of more things at the wet market than at a supermarket, which is where I normally do my marketing.

These last 2 photos I have with me are food that I enjoy eating for breakfast. The first photo is roti prata - an Indian dish made out of dough and eaten with curry, while the second photo is an array of chinese "kueh" - small finger foods that are not too filling for a morning meal.

Hope you enjoyed reading about my morning trip to the market - thanks so much!



Melissa said...

Thanks for the glimpse into your part of the world. I love all the colors!

Pearl said...

wow ! you've really captured the local flavors of SIngapore here ! lol

I live here !

Stacy said...

I went to Singapore in 2001 and really enjoyed it. Such a beautiful country, wonderful people, great food and awesome sights. Thanks for posting the pictures and a little info and your wonderful country.


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