Monday, October 19, 2009

Giveaway Winner + Surprise

Thank you for all your comments on Jessica's blog posts last week. The giveaway winner as selected by is:

Congratulations Brenda! Now you can make that autograph book you like. All you need to do now is send your mailing address to us at seiblog(at)shopsei(dot)com.

Wait! Before you feel bad if you didn't win. We have a surprise! Jessica created a bonus tutorial for everyone. Thanks so much Jessica!

Pretty Pretty Pinwheels

Hi there! If you noticed in my Making the Bed post, there was a shot of my bed with a pretty pinwheel garland above it. All the materials I used came from the Dill Blossom collection, well, except for the spray adhesive!

Here is what you need to make your own pinwheels.

* Dill Blossom Linen Squares
* Five 6” by 6” inch squares of printed paper
* 5 brads
* Scissors
* Spray Adhesive
* Tiny hole punch
* Ribbon from the ribbon collection (the burlap works perfectly.)

The first thing I did was cut my paper squares so that they were slightly larger than the linen squares,. This is so you can match them up more easily when they are all sticky-tacky with spray adhesive.

In a well-ventilated area, spray your adhesive to the backs of the linen squares and plop them onto the backs of your printed paper, allow to dry.

Trim the edges of the paper so that you have perfect five by five inch squares.

Determine your center and make four diagonal cuts, one in each corner that travel from corner towards the center of the square. Do not cut all the way through, leave about and inch in the center.

Using the hole punch. Punch a small hole in every other corner of your square and one in the center.

Thread your brad from the bottom up through your first corner and bend toward the center of your square. Thread the remaining holes through the brad, one below the other from your first hole. Can you see the pinwheel shape?

Push down and thread the full brad through the center hole and flip out those little metal arms. Ta-da! You just made a pretty pinwheel! Continue for each pinwheel.

Gather your pinwheels and strand of burlap ribbon from the Dill Blossom collection. All you need to do to finish is unbend your brads and poke them through the burlap and fold them out again. If you are using ribbon that is too thick to poke through, make tiny cuts with your scissor and poke those brads in.

Hang in a pretty place and admire! You can of course make as many as you like, you just may not stop! I hope you enjoyed my time here on the blog, I had blast hanging out with you!

~jessica aka jek


Anonymous said...

Thanks JEK! Love your ideas - it has been a real treat!

jek-a-go-go said...

aw, thank YOU!


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