Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Thanksgiving Place-setting

One of the best things about November is EATING! Michelle created these beautiful place-setting projects to help make this year's Thanksgiving feast something to remember.

The centerpiece was made using candles wrapped with paper and an alphabet sticker attached to each one. Simple, right? Just make sure not to burn your candles without being in the room or for a long time since paper is flammable.

Place-cards are always a nice addition to any place-setting. It helps your guests feel welcome and avoids confusion. These place-cards were made with a few pieces of paper, a cut-out leaf, and ribbon.

Not only are these napkin rings pretty, but they serve another purpose too. They wrap around your head to make an headdress! Thanks for the creative ideas, Michelle. Will you incorporate these ideas into your Thanksgiving place-setting or do you have any other ideas to share? We love your comments!


Skinner Family said...

LOVE THIS STUFF! I'm so going to make some of it! Thank you!

Shirley said...

very creative!

Tessie said...

What a great idea - I am going to have these candles in my friend's home when she gets back from the hospital spelling out WELCOME HOME. You can do so much with your ideas not just for Thanksgiving like spelling out Happy Birthday, etc!

sei art studio said...

Great idea, Tessie!


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