Monday, December 14, 2009

Inspiration, if you please.

There are so many things I am inspired by in my life, and I don’t just mean creatively. Life is busy; I know it is for you too – I frequently forget to give thanks to the “little things” that keep me going. Those things that I can fall back on when I’m exhausted and feel zapped of inspiration. The things that recharge me.

I worked at a construction company for a few months long ago (one of my many interesting jobs), and the woman who did the accounting was a friend of my family. Christie and I used to do this exercise first thing in the morning – we would write down five things we were thankful for. It was a great way to start the day, a great way to get re-inspired if you need it. Here are my five.

1. My dogs.

These two crazy weirdos, also known as pugs, run my apartment (which I call Mod Podge Command Central). If they could, they would put me in a maid outfit and make me serve them food constantly. I’ve never met two living creatures who were more food motivated – or more loving. Their snuggle snorts might be loud to some, but they are joy to me. Thanks Roxie and Nellie.

2. Bold colors and patterns.

I like loud clothes – there’s really no other way to say it. If it’s bright and especially if it’s blue, then I want it. If you aren’t really a loud person, I totally understand. But every once awhile, try a bold striped pair of socks under those jeans with your tennis shoes. It’s kind of fun and liberating.

3. Other creative people.

First, I have to thank the Mod Podge Rocks! readers for all of their support – for, over the last year, helping my baby blog grow into what it has today. I get inspired every day by you, so thank you. Secondly, I am thankful for creative people in general, specially those people who think of things that I don’t. To capture those things I see, those ideas that stretch my imagination, I keep an inspiration book. If I see something I like (for instance, the picture above), I cut it out and paste it into the book. I also past in patterns, color chips, words . . . anything else that motivates me. When I’m short of ideas, I flip through. If you don’t have a book like this, get one today! They are fun to put together and can get the creative juices flowing in a pinch.

4. Buttons.

It sounds weird, but they are honestly what started me on this crazy, crafty ride. I played for hours with my great-grandmother’s button collection when I was young. I don’t think it’s possible for a kid to have more fun – sorting by color, by size. I really believe it’s made me the creative person that I am today.

5. Winter birthdays.

I am a January baby, born at 6:18 p.m. in Bellevue, Washington just outside of Seattle (see little me above). My mom always had a funny tradition when my four brothers and I were young – it wasn’t officially our birthdays until the time that we were born hit on the clock. We would have so much fun checking the clock. . . “Is it time yet Mom?” Luckily none of us were born in the middle of the night, right? I’m so excited about my upcoming winter birthday that I’ve actually devoted all of the projects I’ve done for SEI to winter celebrations. Keep reading over the next few days to see what I’ve got cooked up.


Unknown said...

Thanks for the great laugh I got with your Puggys. Yes, buttons are a joy. When I was a kid I had to dust. When I got to the sewing machine, I would pull out the button box and run my fingers through it! Thanks for the wonderful memories.
Sharon L

Stacy said...

I am a firm believer that happy socks can improve a day. I love wearing patterns or pictures and they can be so crazy and not even be noticed in the winter...which is why I also have things like plaid and polka dot shoes ;)

I love the idea of an inspiration collection. I save websites in a crafty bookmark but have never saved photos or ads or anything on paper. Neat idea!


Laney said...

Look at that M shaped tongue!!!

Becca said...

I love my Amy!!!!!


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