Friday, December 4, 2009

On the 5th Day...

On the 5th day of Christmas SEI gave to you 5 pretty snowflakes. Placing lit candles in paper bags is a fun holiday tradition. For a unique variation with a neat texture, try Matt's luminary idea.

First he cut a snowflakes out of heavy paper (just like when you were a kid). Next he placed each snowflake on a paper lunch bag. Be sure to cover the area under and around the bags to protect from overspray (Matt used a garbage bag). Finally, he sprayed tumble dye on the bags. You can also use the snowflakes you made for stencils to decorate by hanging them on ribbon from your ceiling or tree.

The process was quite simple but here are some tips. Check which side of the bag has the seam. If you spray on the side without the seam, you won't have a line down the middle, like we do. Also, be patient because the dye will take a while to soak into your bag and completely dry. Perhaps the most important tip is use battery operated candles because paper is flammable.

These look so festive down a walkway. What a great way to greet your holiday guests!


Melissa said...

Very cute idea! The kids could even get involved with this one!

Donna VW said...

Great idea!


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