Sunday, December 6, 2009

On the 7th Day...

On the 7th Day of Christmas SEI gave to you 7 hanging decoration ideas! Here is how I got my inspiration:

photo 1: a modern event, photo 2: Martha Stewart, photo 3: rivers are damp, photo 4: Design Sponge

I am so lucky to work with such creative people with great inspiration. I was having a hard time choosing what project idea to give to you on the 7th Day. So, Mandi suggested I research my English heritage. According to this website, England was the first country to use mistletoe during the Christmas season. Mistletoe reminds me of kissing balls so I created this kissing ball by hot-gluing flower-shaped WinterSong papers onto a styrofoam ball and adding a Park Buddies button onto each flower center. I made my flowers by cutting the paper into 2" squares then folding them and cutting as shown in this diagram:

Then, Pia suggested I check out this Martha Stewart idea. Martha has several ideas on how to make hanging decorations out of ribbon. I used Christmas Mint & WinterSong ribbons to make and hang our decorations. I also used some WinterSong designer brads for the center.

As I was searching for more inspiration I found these neat paper ornaments on Design Sponge. Instead of stapling them I used WinterSong designer brads to hold each paper strip in place.

Last, but not least I realized that some of our embellishments can stand alone at decorations. So, the two fastest hanging decorations I made by putting two embellishments back to back. I used WinterSong elements & chiplets.



Melissa said...

Cute, cute! I love quick home decor ideas!

Shirley said...

very creative!

Donna VW said...

Love them all - thanks for sharing your inspiration!


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