Thursday, February 11, 2010

Bookmark of the Month Club

I often find myself using old library receipts as bookmarks. I've decided I need something prettier and plan to commission a bookmark from my daughter. The only problem is, as bad as this sounds, I somehow misplaced the last bookmark she made me. So maybe I'll commission a whole collection of bookmarks, one for each month of the year. I'm always using more than one book at a time anyway. Maybe we can turn it into a Bookmark of the Month Club and make bookmarks for a few other relatives. I've begun collecting ideas, and should have enough to get us through July at least (ah, doesn't July sound nice right now?). If you need more mailable gift ideas, I hope you'll stop by my gift guide and take a look around.

Valentine bookmark by Martha
I'm inspired by what Stephomodo is doing with these vintage playing cards
Magnetic bookmark featured on ISLY
Designs by this artist are a definite inspiration (found via here)
Aren't these embroidered bookmarks incredible? (found via here)
Pretty corner bookmark by Chocolate on my Cranium

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Christine said...

I have to say, I'm a huge MS fan, but these clip type of bookmarks don't work very well. Since there is more above the "bookline" than below, they fall out really easily! I know after paying more than I care to admit on one at Border's. I love your ideas though! Being a cardmaker and reader, I've made more than a few bookmarks! I've sworn to myself that I will never carry a markless book again!!!

Seriously, I'm lovin' your week on the blog! It's been entertaining as well as informative!



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