Friday, February 5, 2010

Guest Blogger, AmberLee Fawson

We are happy to introduce AmberLee as next week's guest blogger. She is the creative mind behind one of the our favorite blogs, GiversLog. It is full of lovely photos, pretty packages, and great ideas.

Hello everyone! I'm AmberLee and am thrilled to be a part of your week by posting here at SEI. It is an honor to get to join in the creative conversation, and I hope I can give you something you can put to good use.

I started GiversLog just over a year ago. I decided I'd blog strictly about gifts, and I stick to it pretty well (except for when I blog about books or sandwiches). It turns out it's pretty fun to catalog handmade gifts, thoughtful gestures, party favors, care packages and the like.

I am a complete paper nerd. What is it about paper? When some women need to treat themselves, they buy a pair of stilettos. When I need to treat myself, I like to buy a stack of brightly colored cardstock, or glassine envelopes, or a roll of kraft paper, or a new paper punch...I'm getting carried away. This paper infatuation is one of the reasons I never tire of cataloging gift wrap ideas.

I have a reputation for taking my camera everywhere. Who says you can't enjoy life and document it at the same time? I also have a reputation for taking pictures of food. I don't think I yet have more pictures of food than of my children, but it's close.

Oh yes, I have children. Three of them. And they are paper nerds too. I keep craft supplies where they can reach them, and occasionally I have to tell them to put down the glue and zig zag scissors and go play outside.

I prefer to eat my bananas with a spoon.

Other things I love include frolicking, public libraries, living in the country, a sunny day in a big city, hot chocolate, a well-organized drawer, idle time, my le cruset, long runs, good friends, cheap postage, summer evenings, moon roofs, blank notebooks, and hot sauce with breakfast.

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sherlonkahkai said...

Hi AmberLee. Huge congrats on your creative stint with SEI. Awesome.


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