Thursday, March 11, 2010

How to Make an Easter Basket

With kids and Easter and Spring in mind, I thought I’d share a quick, easy, and inexpensive way to make some fun Easter baskets for the holiday or your home décor.

All you need are a couple of pieces of cardstock weight paper, and some brads.

You need one piece of cardstock weight paper for the main body of the basket. For something fun, use white or light colored cardstock and let your kids color, paint, and draw all over it in fun festive colors and patterns.

Another choice would be to use a nice festive colored cardstock weight patterned paper. I chose a blue pattern from the Jocelyn line.

On the reverse side of the paper, draw a grid creating 9 4x4 squares.

Next, round the corners using a ruler or a corner rounder. A corner punch would be fun too.

Score all of these lines, except the two inside lines at the top and bottom of your cardstock. Trim those lines 4 inches from each side.

That square in the middle of this grid is the bottom of your easter basket. Folding the right and left sides up, create a basket shape, lining up those two rounded corners in the middle.

Next we need to make a handle to slip into each side. I used another piece of the blue pattern and trimmed a piece of paper 1x12 inches long and slipped the end between the 4x4 square and the two rounded squares.

I then took a pencil and marked a spot in the top and middle of my project, that would go through both of the side pieces and the handle when I pushed a brad through. I made a second mark an inch or so below that which also went through the 4x4 piece from the side.

I then added some fun jeweled brads.

Now do the same on the other side.

Voila! An easy easter basket for a center piece on your kitchen table, a fun décor item on your shelf, or even a place to put those hard-boiled eggs for the potluck.


Dawn Gallop🐝 said...

Adorable!!!! Thanks!!

Angela said...

Cute and easy

Unknown said...

Great tutorial - thanks :)

Chelsea said...

Best basket i found out of a whole varitey. It took me half an hour to look for great basket then i found this great and easy easter basket
I love it :)


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