Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Project of the Week

St. Patrick's Day is coming up fast! And we don't want you to get stuck in a pinch with no green on. So here is a little neighbor (and yourself) gift!

For this simple project I used Christmas Mint's Meringue and Wintermint and punched out of each paper two 2 inch wide circles. Then, I folded all four circles in half.

The next step is easiest to explain visually! I used glue dots to adhere the circle together and make each piece overlap one another, so in the end they lock together. It's like when you fold a cardboard box in on itself to close it.

Now that you have everything secured (don't glue down those pretty side openings!) I simply used a Moravia Designer Brad for some extra fancy. You could use a Christmas Mint brad too if you want to be all green! You could also add paper, fabric, or ribbon to the center for addition embellishing. Depending on how you want to use this, I would hot glue a pin to the back, or onto a hair clip if you wanted to make a mini one, or anything else you can imagine. These are great for your layouts, too!

Finally, for your neighbor gift, I printed this little ditty onto the back of Happy Day Candle (it's the perfect cream, seriously) and attached it to the back of Christmas Mint Wintermint. The Cream card is 3" x 4.5" and the green is 3.5" x 5".

Now, if you want to pinch someone, be sure to leave them out of your deliveries. ;) Happy St. Patrick's Day!


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