Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Jessica's Coasters

We would like to introduce you to Jessica. She is an interior designer who designs many of the projects for club and writes instructions. You may catch a glimpse of her beautiful little daughter on some of the layouts she creates. We love the stylish way she dresses and her quiet sense of humor.

Jessica made these pretty Claire drink coasters. Here are her instructions:

4” x 4” glass squares
copper foil tape (available at most craft stores or stained glass shops)

Pick up 4” x 4” pieces of glass from your local glass shop. Mine cut them for me, no big deal.

Cut 4” x 4” pieces of paper – I used Claire
Cut flowers out of the paper or use die-cuts, layer them on the 4” x 4” pieces
Sandwich the paper between 2 pieces of glass
Use copper foil tape around the edge of the glass to hold the 2 pieces together

Who knew making glass coasters could be so simple? Thanks for sharing, Jessica!


Scoobie said...

Cute! And a great idea. Love it!

la cucaracha said...

Woo-woo, you go jessica!


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