Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Matchbook Gift Holder

I needed a quick, pretty way to present these bracelets for my niece. So, Mandi and I came up with this little matchbook gift holder.

1. Print out this template, place it on your patterned paper (we used BTW) cut it out, and fold on the lines.
2. Punch two holes in the top folded section and thread your ribbon through your bracelets and the holes. Tie a bow on top (we used Mimosa ribbon).
3. Cut a piece of paper (we used pink riot) 3 x 6 and fold it in half. Place your card behind your gift.
4. Seal the matchbook shut with a sticker (we used Jocelyn epoxy stickers).

I hope she likes it and so do you!


Monika said...

Ingenious! Using the ribbon makes it regiftable, too!

Scoobie said...

Lovely idea. The basic is easy to make, but I could easily get lost in decorating :-)


ellen s. said...

great idea


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