Monday, June 28, 2010

Winners + Projects

The halloween fabric winners as selected by are:

Congratulations Melinda & NanaBeth! Be sure to send your shipping address to us at seiblog{at}shopsei{dot}com to claim your prizes.

Now for those projects we promised with more of the lovely designs by SEI for Robert Kaufman...

Mandi made this festive garland using this tutorial from Sew Mama, Sew! She added an extra scallop in between by scaling the pattern 50%.

Maria made this little half apron for looking good while baking plenty of yummy holiday treats.


Donna VW said...

Is there a tutorial for Maria's half apron? It is so cute!

sei art studio said...

Hey Donna! We are so glad you like the apron. We love your comments!

Since we haven't had a chance to make a tutorial we thought we would try to briefly explain how to make the apron.

Start with 1/2 yard of fabric 45 x 18 (or a little taller if you want a longer apron). Hem the bottom and sides. Gather the top to 13 inches or about half way around your waist. This is your skirt piece.

Cut 3 pieces of fabric for the band/sash...

...1 piece the width of your gather and twice as tall as you want your band + seam allowance (we cut ours about 14 x 7). Hem all sides and fold in half (right sides facing out) the long way over the top of your gathered piece. Sew to the top of your gathered piece, leaving the sides opened. This is the piece you see in the front.

...2 pieces the same height and as long as you need to tie around and make a bow (we cut ours about 30 x 7). Fold in half (wrong sides facing out) the long way and sew one of the short ends together and the long end. This makes a tube, sealed at one end. Turn right side out.

Feed the open end of each of the 2 tie/bow pieces into the openings you left on your band. Then sew them together on each side.

Hmm...does that make sense? Do you have any questions? We hope that helps.


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