Friday, July 9, 2010

Guest Blogger, Sheena Jibson

We would like to introduce Sheena. Her photography will make you hungry and take your breath away. If you don't believe us check out her blog, the little red house. Not only is her photography beautiful so is she and a fun personality to boot. Meet Sheena...

Hi friends! I am so excited to be posting over here this week!

Just a little Top Ten List so you know what you are getting yourself into with me.

10. I have big hair. We should just get that one out of the way.
9. I love food. Eating it. Talking about it. Looking at it. Dreaming about it.
8. I love to run. Fast. It helps me balance out #9.
7. I love old things. Books. Dishes. Linens. Houses. Furniture. Old men and their silly jokes. Anything old.
6. I love to create. Make things. Get my hands dirty.
5. I love Guacamole. See #9.
4. I love my husband of 8 years (aaaawwwwww)
3. And my two little ones. They make me laugh every day.
2. I love to laugh. And play. And both at the same time.
1. I photograph everything. And I do mean EVERYTHING.

I have some recipes, photos, photo tips, and a fun project coming up this week! So excited to meet you all:)


nancy said...

Nice to meet you! Can't wait to see your posts. :)

BethW said...

Really looking forward to next week.
Got to love someone who loves guacamole!


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