Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Jen's Album Cover

Please welcome Jen. We are so lucky to have such a friendly, out-going gal in our retail store!

Here are some fun tidbits she shared with us. "I've been a newlywed for 5 months. I love scrapbooking, reading, music and being a movie guru, especially for the chick flick comedies. I play the violin and the piano. I speak broken German (infact I was in Heidi's class). Since being married I've really enjoyed learning to cook and trying new recipes, even discovered a new intrest in cake decorating."

From cake decorating to scrapbooking, Jen has a knack for making pretty things. We love it when she stops by the art studio to show us her latest project! The most recent one she showed us was this album.

Jen made this album for a friend who had a baby boy. She bought a post-bound album and sewed this chick-a-doo fabric cover for it. What a great way to customize your album! Then, if you ever want a new look, just sew a new cover and slip the old one off. Thanks, Jen!

If you want to make a great baby album but don't have time to sew, consider a one-hour album kit or word book.

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Amy said...

Adorable! Very talented!!


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