Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Holiday Card Ideas

Do you like to make unique holiday cards? If you do you probably know that sometimes it is hard to think of new ideas. So, we thought we would spark your creativity a little by giving you some holiday card ideas.

All of these cards were made using our new Spooks collection.

For our spooky ghost card we folded a tiny piece of paper accordion style and attached it to the back of each ghost. It is pretty neat to pick up the card and see the little ghosts dance.

For the pumpkin card we cut the pumpkins out of the papers instead of using embellishments. Then we tore the edge to give it a little character, creepy huh?

Last, for the witch hat we cut a shape out of the paper. Think of all the unique shapes you can cut cards into.

These three cards were made with the Kris Kringle collection.

Instead of using an envelope for the first card, we made a pocket that the card slides in and out of. This is perfect if you are hand-delivering the card and don't have an envelope it will fit in.

The second card was made to fold out and reveal the message. There are tons of different ways to fold cards!

The last card is folded so the two sides meet in the middle instead of just folding it in half. Then we sealed it with a band. This is a great way to make a simple card a little more special.

Do you have any card-making tips to share?

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