Monday, August 30, 2010

More Design Team Info

We are so excited by the great response we have received on our Design Team call. It is so fun to see so many talented paper-crafters!

For those of you that may be trying to decide whether to apply or not here are a few things that might help you decide. Once again, more specific information will be sent to those who apply, after the deadline.

1. Design team members will be sent SEI products to create projects with.
2. They will have one feature on our blog each month.
3. Look forward to a one-year commitment.
4. You do not have to use SEI products in your application.

UPDATE: At this time we are accepting applicants from the continental US and Canada :-)!


Shell said...

I would love to apply but Im in Australia DOH!
Cant wait to see what you new talented DT create. Im sure it will be FABULOUS. Good Luck everyone:)

Lisa said...

Well since I live in Alaska I guess the choice to apply or not was made for me :(

Julie Bonner said...

Thanks for the extra info :)

JJ Sobey said...

Thank you so much for opening it up to Canadians!

Lexi said...

Thanks for the additional information :)

Lori Mancini said...

Yeah thanks so much for letting us Canadians apply!! Im so excited!!!

goatesgirl said...

done and done

Anonymous said...

Woot! Sent mine in! Can't wait!

Tina McDonald said...

So glad to see it opened to Canadians!! :)

sei art studio said...

Everyone who applied should have received an e-mail. Please e-mail us if you didn't receive one.

down_memory_lane said...

Hi there,

I just read the comment about the e-mails and wanted to let you know that I didnt get one. Thanks for your time!


Sandie said...

I didn't get an email either? Does that mean you didn't get it?


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