Thursday, April 14, 2011

Nice Decor

Thanks for hanging in there with me everyone! It's been a great week so far!

I live in an old (120 year old) farmhouse. We've been renovating and decorating for over 10 years now. I love decorating. I love my house and making it a home is a big part of who I am!

I've had this project on my to do list for a long long time. I've loved random cut letters in banners and as art for a while... they're just so charming. I don't have the wall space for something large so I made some small ones instead. I planned to frame them at first (the colors worked so well for my daughter's room) but I decided to attach them to the mirror as little inspirational messages instead.

I considered “Smile” and “Go Get 'Em” among others but finally settled on “It's Nice To Be Nice”. A little funtac and the bedroom mirror is all dressed up! I totally forgot about the layered effect the mirror would have on the letters, but it's really cool!

I plan on switching this up often with different phrases and reminders! A very cool and simple addition to our home.



Ange said...

Love this project! Such a great idea to add to the mirror like that. Very cute!!

Lisa said...

I love the saying. Fun idea.

Leigh Penner said...

Super sweet, Marcy!

Muffin Cookies! said...

I've seen viynl lettering on mirrors, but I love the idea of diffrent colors of paper for sayings.


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