Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Butterfly Collage

Lori designed this butterfly collage using the White Elegance collection. Surprised? You may not recognize it because of all the COLOR! How did Lori do it? By inking the papers. What a simple way to make this collection fit any project.

We love how Lori was inspired to create this project. She says, "Pinterest is my new love and I have come across many quotes that inspire me - and this one spoke to me as soon as I read it! I had my White Elegance 'Glimmering Flutter' Die Cut Accents on my desk and as soon as I read this quote I knew exactly what I wanted to do!!"

What a fitting quote for the process Lori used to transform the White Elegance papers. The quote reads, "If nothing ever changed... There would be no Butterflies."


Monika Wright said...

never thought to ink the paper...just awesome!

Sharon said...

Could someone please tell me how to ink the paper?

anonymous said...

Yes, what Sharon said -- how did she do that???


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