Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Friends Card Set

Today’s post is somewhat of a challenge. Have you ever tried to make a card set in less than an hour?

Well this is your day to get some ideas and hopefully inspire you enough to do this challenge as well.

I love making cards, but sometimes I feel like I spend as much time in one card as I do with a layout. So to simplify things a bit, I decided to challenge myself to create these four coordinating cards in one hour. How did I do it…Well here are my tips…

1. Use a paper pack. They all coordinate with each other which take the time from you putting things together over and over again to see if they all match. I used the Sunny Day 6x6 paper pad for this project. Being that it’s a smaller pack; the designs were also made to fit the size of the papers therefore perfect for small projects such as cards.

2. I also used one design. If you look closely at my cards, they all have general design. To add variety, I switched the design from horizontal to vertical plus I moved the placement of the embellishments around.

3. Limit your embellishments to a minimum. Here I used two items, which is flowers for most of them and butterfly for one. The felt flowers on the best buds card were already layered and have adhesive on the back which made for a quicker card.

4. Use only one tool. Here I used a corner round punch on two sides.

5. The card sentiment blocks are all from the Garden Variety paper in the Sunny Days collection. The paper was printed with easy tear off sides for each block. There’s no need to use your paper cutter here. Super easy stuff!

Here’s a close up of each card…

This card set would be perfect for that Mommy bestfriend you have. So what are you waiting for…..create some cards today and try to them in one hour. See how the time constraint stretches your creativity.

See you tomorrow


Lindy said...

Great cards!!!!

m said...

Thank you so much for this! I was having a lot of trouble with coming up with ideas and wound up spending a lot of time on one card - mostly designing by trial and error. Great tips!

Anonymous said...

Do you have classes? Make a stack of 50 cards for $30. or somethng?

ginalovesdave said...

Beautiful cards!


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