Monday, June 6, 2011

Monster Shirts

It's the first day of our MONSTER WEEK! It seems a little introduction is in order. Everyone please meet SEI's My Own Monster iron-ons...

They are so much fun to use! They come with a body, appendages, and all kinds of features. Kids love to combine different features to design their own monster with a unique personality. They work on several different surfaces...fabric, paper, wood... Want to see how they work? Watch our step-by-step video below or on YouTube.

PROJECT IDEA: Making your own t-shirt is one of the most fun and simple projects. Pick up a bunch of inexpensive t-shirts, a package of My Own Monsters, and a bottle of tumble dye at TARGET. When you get home, let the whole family join in the fun of designing. The package has lot's of extra features. Once the body is used, use tumble dye to make the rest of the body shapes. Then add the extra features. Kids love to wear their own monster creation!

Ready to create your own monster? Great! You can now find My Own Monsters at TARGET. So, they are more accessible than ever before. That is if you can find them! They are kind of hidden, so join in the "find your own monster" fun. We have heard in some stores they are by the giftwrap, others by the laundry soap... Have you spotted the monsters in your store? Where?

Remember, if you would like a chance to win some monster goodies, link your My Own Monster project(s) up to our link party. You have until Thursday at 11:59 pm.

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