Wednesday, July 20, 2011


It's that time again! Time to begin selecting our new design team. We are accepting applicants July 20-August 5. Here are the details:

Should you apply?
1. Applicants will be accepted from the Continental US and Canada.
2. Selected design team members will be sent SEI products to create projects.
3. We encourage all crafters: 3D projects makers, scrap bookers, card makers, any creative individual to apply. Show us your best work. 

4. We expect a 6 month or 1 year commitment.
5. Design team members will have at least one feature on our blog per month.

6. Design team member's first project will be due September 20th.

How do you apply?
1. Send an e-mail with subject line "Your Name -- DT Call" to artroom{at}shopsei{dot}com. Copy and paste the survey below into your e-mail document. Type your response next to each item. Please do not add any additional information.
2. Attach 5 images (no larger than 800 x 800 pixels each). These images should represent your style and best creative work. Photos do matter. Our design team members not only have nice projects but also scan or photograph their projects in a professional manner.
3. You do not have to use SEI product in your application projects.

(copy & paste this into your e-mail)
1. My name is: First & Last name
2. I live in: State or Province
3. My blog is: Blog address (optional)
4. I can commit to a: 6 or 12 month commitment
5. I have been published: Not yet or list magazines

You applied, now what?
1. You should receive an e-mail containing details on the design team within 2 full business days.
2. Do not respond to this e-mail, unless you want to withdraw your application.
3. If you do not receive an e-mail containing details within 2 full business days after applying, contact us at room{at}shopsei{dot}com.
4. Applicants will find out whether they have been accepted on or before August 20th.

We will announce the 2012 design team September 1st. Good luck!


Jessi P said...

This sounds exciting!

nancy said...

YAY! :)

Aurie{OurGoodLife} said...

Woohoo!! Off to figure out which pages to scan :)

Lindy said...


sugarsherri said...

This is great as I LOVE SEI!

Mireille said...

oh how I wished to be american
good luck ladies!!!

Kerry said...

Good luck everybody who applies :)

Times like this I wish I lived in America not Europe :(

Helen Tilbury said...

Pity...I'm in South Africa...oh well...luckily there are lots of other teams that accept worldwide submissions :)

Kim McMahon-Rosenberger said...

Can't wait!

Tenny Kusuma said...

How exciting :D just sent in the application. Thanks.

Melissa Elsner said...

Oh I can't believe a year has gone by already. Woohoo!

Monique said...

Oh no, can't believe you don't want international scrappers!!! what a shame!!
Good luck to everyone who applies!!

Yara said...

Oh, how I will love to try!!! This sounds like a very good and exciting opportunity. Sadly, I am not qualified.
But why continental US and Canada only are considered? Shipping to Puerto Rico is less expensive than shipping to Canada from the US. Good luck to everyone!

maxadriane said...

Very exciting..I may throw my creative hat into the ring! Looking forward to seeing what you come up with!

Charlene said...

Time flies! Good luck all.

Ranae said...

SEI inbox seems to be full. Any other possibilities for submitting?

sei art studio said...

Our inbox is not full. I would try sending it again and double check the address. We would love your application!

sei art studio said...

If you are still having trouble, leave a comment with your email so we can contact you.

Jamie Harder said...

I keep getting my submission sent back as well saying "reason: 550 Mailbox quota exceeded"

Here is my email:

sei art studio said...

If any of you are having trouble sending your info to our email, please send your application to

Sorry for the inconvenience. Thanks for your interest in our team!

Jimmie said...

I just tried to send in a submission for the Design team call and it looks like the mailbox is full so it won't go through. I sent a copy to the address and it made it. Not sure if it will qualify since it went to the wrong address.

sei art studio said...

Once again. Sorry for the trouble.
If you would like to submit your application, please do so at

Derv said...

I sent mine to the artroom email. I'm on vacation without my computer so I had to pull my photos from my online gallery. Hope that's ok. A very exciting opportunity!

angie gutshall said...

Super excited about this opportunity!!

Keri Sallee said...

OH no! I didn't realize there was a problem...I was just waiting the two days to get the confirmation.
I resent my email. Will it still count? :(

Keri Sallee said...

Lol...whoever sees thus...ignore my previous post! I got this confused with this years call! Got worried!!


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