Friday, August 19, 2011

Art Studio Picks: Mandi

Today we are excited to kick off a new once-a-month series called Art Studio Picks. Each month we'll feature someone from the art studio to show you five things that they are loving or inspired by right now. First up is Mandi.
#1 Typography in the home. Being a huge lover of well done type, I have really appreciated all the well thought out type happening in decor these days. Posters, graphics, and even on textiles.

#2 Olive and pink together. It's refreshing but rich. Feminine but not in a princess way. Pair it with gems, stripes, and velvet. Yes, in fashion and scrapbooking. And anywhere else for that matter.

#3 Quilts. Maybe it's because I don't know how to quilt, but the patterns and textures are just fascinating to me. They are so artistic and creative. Especially love the tonal and minimal ones.

#4 Friendship bracelets. Summer crafts are all grown up-can you believe that cuff? Hello gorgeous. The third image has a great tutorial on how to make your own.

#5 Fabric wrapped objects. They add a nice bit of shabby chic to anything and I am in love with all these little vintage florals lately. Two of the images come with diy instructions! 

Thanks for letting me share guys-hope I sparked some creativity for you!


angie gutshall said...

Those are some great inspiration pictures!!

Audrey Yeager said...

This is a GREAT feature! So inspirational! Love it!

C said...

Love them all..

Dianah P. said...

Awesome photos! I never knew olive and pink looks good together. Would love to try that. I agree its very feminine and the color also has that calming effect.


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