Monday, August 8, 2011

Thrifty Fashion Tips

Thrifting has to be my number one hobby. I think I must get a rush from it. It's sort of like a treasure hunt I think. There's nothing better than finding a diamond in the rough and knowing you only spent a few bucks. I'm proud to say that 75% of my wardrobe, and about the same of my kid's wardrobe is derived from thrift store and secondhand finds.

Like these Michael Kors sandals I picked up for $4.

This top $4 and skirt $6 both thrift

My little man working an entirely thrifted ensemble.
denim button down: $2, vest: $1 seersuckers: $3 shoes: $3

I'm already getting my little miss in on the action too.

A few thrifting tips:

Look for inspiration in current fashion trends ahead of time. That way you'll be more inclined to see potential in things you may not have.

Don't be afraid to search and dig. It takes a little patience, but sometimes the really great stuff is in the wrong section, or somewhere you least expect.

Check back often. Sometimes a quick impromptu trip can bring better results than a planned shopping day.

Wash thrifted items on a hot cycle, and use anti-bacterial spray and/or wipes to clean shoes before wearing.



angie gutshall said...

Love great deals like that!!

Janet's Joy said...

Wow! I'm impressed!!

kate blue said...

very cute stuff! I'm a big believer in mixing thrift with new pieces despite4 my daughter balking at have to know which thrift shops work for you. I have 2 that are my favs for clothes (both GOodwill stores-love that all kids clothes are all $ 1.50! each piece, everyday excpet on Saturdays 1/2 price)....some weeks no deals, others, $ 20 spent is a great day!

Kiwi The Kreator said...

We're going to the thrift store tomorrow!!! GREAT tips!!!


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