Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Beautiful Bulletin Boards

Renting an apartment really limits what you can do when it comes to decorating. Most places don't allow the renter to paint and you have to pay out of the nose when you leave tons of nail holes. So to decorate the wall and have only two holes the cork bulletin board was invented. Remember those are the bulletin boards that every freshman starting college is required to have in their dorm room. My opinion of these are that they are useful but not that attractive but somehow Tom and I have three of them.

So I have decided to up cycle the bulletin boards to use them in Rose's room. I bought some natural looking burlap to cover them.

I love using the staple gun. It has a little kick each time that makes it feel like an actual power tool and it is so useful in so many projects.

To add more than just pictures I added some SEI Corinne paper and embellishments treating the bulletin boards like they are giant scrapbook pages.



Scrapestas said...

Great design idea. I covered my bulletin board with fabric to match my favorite easy chair.

joy said...

EEEkkk - what a wonderful idea! I love your idea of using the boards like a giant scrapbook page! Whahoo - my craft room walls are going to look good with your idea!


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